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This page is dedicated to standards for metallurgy.

Here you can find systematically sorted European standards for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy.

Ferrous metallurgy provided by weight-about 95% of total world consumption of metals. Mass production of non-ferrous metallurgy accounts for only 5% of the volume of production of ferrous metallurgy, but the importance of this sector is enormous. The metallurgy of aluminum, copper, zinc and lead accounts for 96% of the entire non-ferrous metallurgy.


Besides the General rules (e.g. EN 10204, EN 10027-1 and EN 10027-2) you will find standards for:

  • Steel products and steel for casting and cast iron. Technical delivery regulations. Quality standards. Dimensions; e.g. EN 10025 part 1-6 or EN 10088-2
  • Non-ferrous metals. Common standards and technical delivery regulations; e.g. EN 1706
  • Jewellery. Metal properties, designation and alloys analysis; e.g. EN 1810
  • Wrought aluminium. Material specifications; e.g. EN 485-2

Production of metallurgical industry are an integral part of e.g. lifting equipment. List of standards for lifitng equipments you can find on www.liftingequipmentstandards.com


Other important standards are ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems - Requirements and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management systems -- Requirements with guidance for use


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